Fees and Refunds

Nantou Branch, Forestry and Nature Conservation Agency, Tianchi Lodge Fee Standards

Normal week days
Tianchi Lodge
NT$ 480/Bed
NT$ 450/Bed
3X3 tent
NT$ 600/tent
NT$ 500/tent
4X4 tent
NT$ 800/tent
NT$ 700/tent
Fridays, Saturdays, and the day before consecutive holidays to the final day of the consecutive holidays.
  • Fee standards for the Tianchi Lodge are set in accordance with the provisions of the Principles Governing Income from State-owned Public Property.
  • To cancel a reserved bed space, the applicant should go to the reservation website (http://tconline-en.forest.gov.tw).
  • Refunds for Cancellation of Reservation:
    • Cancellations of reservation due to natural disasters or other non-human-instigated reasons may receive full refund.
      • Within 2 days before the typhoon warning to the 5 days after the release of the alarm.
      • Within the Nenggao Cross-ridge Historic Trai closed down to the 3 days after reopen.
      • If, during the planned period of stay, the Central Weather Bureau issues warnings or reports of dangerous weather conditions such as massive downpour at Nantou County or Hualien County, typhoon warnings, earthquakes, and circumstances beyond human control such as disabled roads, public announcements of sealed roads, or the Branch proactively issues stay-away orders, the Branch shall return 100% of fees, but applications for delay of check-in date or requests for arrangement of another check-in date are not accepted.
    • Successful cancellations received 6 days before the Calculation Starting Date will receive 100% refund.
    • Successful cancellations received 4 to 5 days before the Calculation Starting Date will receive 50% refund.
    • Cancellations of bed spaces receive 3 days before the calculation date and no-shows will receive 0% refund.
  • The Branch reserves all rights to make modification to these regulations.