Special Notice before Your Application

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Nantou Forest Administration, Tianchi Lodge

1. In order to facilitate the administration and stay application process of the Tianchi (Heavenly Lake) Villa, promote the equitable utilization of public resources, and reduce disturbances caused to “Danda Important Wildlife Habitat Area” by mountain climbing and trekking, Nantou Branch, Forestry and Nature Conservation Agency (henceforth, “the branch”) has issued this set of Regulations.

2. Tianchi Villa is provided for use by the forestry industry and relevant official business. The Villa may serve the dual role of providing accommodation and services for people who engage in relevant activities such as mountain climbing and trekking, and experiencing forest biome/ecology. The Villa is not operated for profit.

3. Stay at Tianchi Villa, including beds inside the Villa structure and camp space in front of the Villa, are all handled via online application. Telephone and in-person applications for stay are not accepted.

4. Please refer to the Tianchi Villa Stay and Services Utilization Rate and Refund Standards.

5. Please refer to the Rules for Applying to Stay and Utilize Services at Tianchi Villa for issues related to making an application for staying at and utilizing the services of Tianchi Villa.

6. In order to ensure the safety of the Villa and of mountain travelers, cooking is strictly prohibited on Villa grounds except for the cooking room. Once violations are discovered, the branch may refuse to accept applications for stay from all members of the party for one year. If disaster is caused by the violation, all members of the party shall be permanently banned from staying at the Villa, and will be responsible for restoring the Villa to its original condition. If you would like to cook, please contact Villa administration staff.

7. Administrative agencies may terminate the rights of people who commit the following violations to make applications for staying at the villa and to stay at the villa:

1) Making boisterous sounds inside the mountain dwelling, and persisting despite the admonitions. The rights of the entire party shall be suspended for 3 to 6 months.

2) Arriving for stay with party members not conforming to the roster submitted in the application for stay. The entire party shall have their rights banned for one year.

3) If the mountain stay permit and associated documents, as well as personal identification documents are not prepared and held ready, the rights of the entire party shall be banned for one year, and violators shall be liable for relevant legal responsibilities.

4) Those who usurp the Personal Identification Numbers of others shall have their rights banned for one year.

5) Those who do not pay fees by the due date; arrive to stay by lying or falsification shall result in the entire party’s rights being banned for 3 years, and shall be liable for relevant legal responsibilities.

6) Any person who commits the above infractions three times (inclusive) within a period of three years shall have his or her rights permanently revoked.

7) Those who stay at the Villa without applying or receiving approval from administrative staff according to on-site occupancy conditions shall have the rights of stay of the entire party suspended for six months. If fees are owed but are not paid during the time frame, the rights of the entire party shall be permanently revoked.

8) If disasters or damage are caused by improper use of fire or electricity, the rights of the entire party to stay at the Villa shall be permanently suspended, and the party shall be liable for related damages.

9) Making applications via illegal software or interfering with the system and causing harm to the rights of others or damages to the system shall result in the entire party of the offender having their rights to stay permanently revoked, and the offender shall be liable for legal responsibilities.

“Party” or “party personnel” as stated above refer to those on the actual arrived for stay roster and those on the application for stay roster.

8. Tianchi Villa is located in a restricted mountain area as stipulated in the National Security Act. Parties staying at the Villa should make all proper processing of mountain permit applications with policy agencies according to regulations.

9. Due to operational and managerial needs including official forestry business; rescue training and rehearsals; academic research; or educational training; as well as in line with the branch’s policies, the branch may reduce the number of available accommodation spots, or temporarily stop accepting applications for stay and utilization of services.

10. In order to meet the needs of emergency disaster sheltering, Villa staff may arrange Villa space according to situational needs and give priority to supporting rescue personnel and accommodating those affected by dire disaster, to relieve them from danger and emergencies. People who have already arrived for stay may not refuse such priority arrangements, but the fees that have been paid may be returned.

11. In order to maintain and protect the alpine ecology and environment, garbage produced by people who stay at the Villa should be carried out by the guests themselves. Pets are prohibited at the Villa.

12. In order to put into practice the management of trail bearing load to protect the environmental biome important to wildlife, and also to give consideration to equitable and rational use of resources, setting up camps in all empty spaces in areas designated by Tianchi Villa are prohibited, except those areas already designated as camp space. For detailed allocation of areas, please refer to the camp space allocation map.

13. The branch may set rate standards for usage of this mountain resort according to the National Property Act and other regulations, and also take into consideration factors including the special characteristics of the facility, maintenance and administration, and market conditions, and then promulgate the rates after submitting the rate standards to the Forestry Bureau for review. The same applies when adjustments are made.

14. If you have any questions, you may make inquiries by phone during work hours to the Recreation and Entertainment Section of our Office. (049-2365226 ext. 2500)

15. The branch reserves rights to modify these regulations.

16. This residence application guidelines was promulgated and took effect on May 22, 2013. It was further amended, promulgated, and took effect on July 23, 2013, April 1, 2015, and October 11, 2018.