Nengkao Peak-Traversing Trail

■ Area:

The Nengkao Peak-Traversing National Trail System was planned according to the Nengkao Peak-Traversing Trail famous in the mountain climbing community. It connects the main peaks of the central mountain range, and is a trail for high-elevation exertion linking Renai Township of Nantou County to Hsiulin Township of Hualien County. It was also the most hiker-friendly and approachable peak-traversing trail with as historic element of the period of Japanese rule in the early 20th century.

The point of crossing the peak, Bei-an at Mount Nengkao, showcases a gentle flat landform, despite being at an elevation of 2,802 meters, and is not heavily sloped like other peak-traversing walkways. The trail is well-known internationally attracting many to pay for a personal visit.

■ Scenery Features

The trail is situated at between 1,500 meters and 2,800 meters above sea level. Along the way, high-altitude grasslands, flower fields, white wood, the rows of mountain peaks, original Taiwan Cypress forests, sea of clouds, sharp cliffs, deep streams and clear rivers, waterfalls, hanging bridges, and rich wildlife can all be appreciated.

The walkway is gentle, and safe and easy to walk. Only two days and two nights are required to complete the 27-km path, and the reward is the chance to enjoy such abundant natural bounty - this can be attributed to the Creator’s generous love for the people of Taiwan.

■ Information for the Enjoyment of Your Journey

The Nengkao Trail System is the walkway with the best road condition, scenery, and hiker-friendliness amongst the sentry pathways left from the period of Japanese occupation. Currently, the condition of the walkway is generally flat and clear, and Tianchi Lodge (049-2980859) is available in the middle of the walkway to provide simple accommodation services.

Friends who love hiking in nature - we believe that spending a two-day weekend to take a walk at the Nengkao Peak-Traversing National Trail, will become an extremely meaningful and precious journey in your life. With the planning and maintenance and construction of national walkways, we have provided more safe and in-depth guide services. We trust that the Nengkao Peak-Traversing Trail System will become the most easy-to-be-close-to hiking and peak-traversing-type national walkway on the island.