Charcoal Kiln Ruins

The ruins of the Matsuhara Policing Post is located at the 7.8 km spot between Sea of Clouds (Yunhai) and Heavenly Pond (Tianchi), at a height of 2,600 meters. It was built in 1931 to enhance control of aboriginal areas after the Wushe Incident. The ruins of the police post consist of three levels, with the layered stone terrace forming the building foundation, the armory, and the laid stones for embankment. 150 meters east of the police post, there is a well-preserved char kiln. The char kiln is inlaid with stone, and 1.5 meters high with a diameter of 2.1 meters, mostly installed on the inclined slope, built according to the principle of allowing convenient piling of coal and following the phenomenon that hot air rises. Today. Marks are still visible on the wall.

100 meters further ahead, on the right side of a Yushan Cane meadow forest, there is an earth kiln 0.6 meters high and 2.5 meters in diameter. Char kilns are often seen in neighboring police posts, using Taiwan Acacia and Subcostate Crape Myrtle to produce coal in order to provide fuel for boiling water and cooking food for police stationed here, as well as to light fires for warmth in winter.