Kuang Pei Pa Piao Monument

In order to commemorate the great achievement of the inauguration of east-west power transmission in Taiwan, the Late President Chiang Kai-shek wrote the inscription “Light Shining Covers the Eight Dimensions, and Benefits Spread Wide Over the People” on a giant stone tablet erected at the border between Hualien and Nantou counties. The landmark is majestic with full force due to its significance. The words “Light Shining Covers the Eight Dimensions” faces the east of Taiwan, signifying that the transmission of power is like the morning sun rising over the Pacific Ocean, with ten thousand rays of light being delivered along with the morning dew; after night has fallen, the lights of the western plains shine through the skies, gently illuminating the “Benefit Covering the People’s Livelihood” on the west is the very recognition and appreciation for light being brought to the earth’s surface in the eight directions, bringing convenience to the development of the cities and solidifying the foundation for civil life.