Q1:Are supplies and equipment such as sleeping bags and food provided at the mountain lodge?
A:No food or personal equipment related to staying are provided. We ask that mountain climbers prepare adequate food and supplies and equipment before heading up the mountain. 

Q2:Is camping permitted near the mountain lodge?
A:Camping is permitted within 50 meters from the mountain lodge. Please observe all relevant safety measures.

Q3:Are there water supplies at the mountain lodge?
A:Yes. Water sources in mountain areas are precious, so we ask mountain climbers to use water efficiently.

Q4:Are toilet facilities and shower facilities available at the Tianchi Lodge? 
A:Only toilets are available at the Tianchi Lodge. There are no showers available. 

Q5:Is there lighting equipment at the Tianchi Lodge? 
However, because the power source at Tianchi Lodge is solar powered, it is limited by weather conditions and the angle of sunlight, so the volume of power generated can’t be always sufficient. It is recommended that mountain climbers bring their own lighting equipments.

Q6:Is there shuttling service from the lodge to the entrance of the hiking trail? 
There are no public transportation networks locally. All transportation issues must be resolved by the mountain climbers themselves.

Q7:What are some things to take note of when going to Tianchi Lodge?
A:(1)TIanchi Lodge is 2860 meters above sea level. It’s easy to become affected by high altitude syndrome. If you become afflicted by symptoms such as serious dizziness, vomiting, difficulty in breathing, or instability in gait, you should stop the mountain climbing activity. If your body cannot handle the difficulties, please do not exert against your limits, and you should head down the mountain immediately. 
      (2)The temperature changing dramatically between day and night in the mountain area, please keep warm for yourself. Don’t be alone during the trip; and always keep accompanied by at least one of your team members in order to take care of each other. 
      (3) The Western section of the Nengkao Peak-Traversing Trail is the trail linking Tianchi Lodge to the outside. Geologically, the trail consists of clay slate and meta-sandstone, and is fragile and easily weathered, vulnerable to collapse. Hikers should note weather conditions of mountain areas and online notifications on the Tianchi Lodge website. If the Central Weather Bureau has made announcements of circumstances beyond human control such as heavy rain or downpours, or that roads have been cut off, the Lodge shall refund all fees paid. Please make safety the priority and do not enter the mountains during these times.

Q8:Are mountain entry passes required for going to the Tianchi Lodge?
A:Because Tianchi Lodge is within the Dan Ta Important Wildlife Habitat, a permit is required. You may go to the website of the National Policy Agency or personally head to the Wushe Renai Precinct to process your mountain entry pass. After procedures have been complete, carry your mountain climbing permit and registration roster to the Chungcheng checkpoint to process mountain entry. After handling procedures at the checkpoint, the mountain entry registration is complete. 

Q9:Does the Southern Peak of Mount Qilai require a national park entry permit to enter?

The agency with jurisdiction over the Southern Peak of Mount Qilai belongs to the Forestry Bureau and the Taroko National Park. According to regulations, a park permit is required. Nanhua Mountain is not within the jurisdiction of the Office.

Q10:How are lodging fees for the mountain lodge charged?
A: Fees are charged according to rates set by Tianchi Lodge.

Q11:Are lodging spaces automatically available upon request?
A:That’s not the case. There are currently 88 accommodation (bed space) at Tianchi Lodge. When the number of people booking to stay exceeds the capacity number, a random computerized draw is done to select who gets the lodging spots. Those who are not drawn are placed on the waiting list, and when beds become available, another draw is done for those on the waiting list. Draws are conducted until the 8th day before the date of arrival. 

88 bed spaces, 19 small and 3 large camp spaces in front of the Lodge are available each day. If applications for reservations of a check-in date exceed the number of spaces available, admissions shall be determined by computer-drawn slots 30 days before the check-in date. All applicants outside the admitted list shall be placed on the waiting list. Computer drawing of slots shall be undertaken 30 days before the check-in date to 15:00 on the 8th day (inclusive) before the check-in date. Please refer to the related regulation of application for accommodation at Tianchi Lodge.