Give mountain climbers a home

Tianchi Lodge (Heavenly Pond Lodge) is located at a site sheltered from the wind, at a leveled ground on the west side of the Nengkao North Peak. It is under the jurisdiction of Forest Division 27 of the Zhuoshui River Working Area, the Forestry Bureau. Its administrative region is at Ching-Ing Village, Renai Township, Nantou County, at 2,860 meters above sea level. Even after successive fires and reconstruction, the building foundations of the police station of olden times are still somewhat visible. The hiking trail system consisting of the Mount Nengkao traversing walkway and surrounding mountain ranges has remained an important place in Taiwan’s mountain climbing community.

Tianchi Lodge was built between 1918 and 1919 as the Nengkao Policing Post during the Japanese era which served for multiple functions of mails delivery and the roads maintenance. The Japanese called it the “Nengkao Hall of Hinoki” for its elegant exterior and a sophisticated Japanese-style building built of Taiwan Cypress (Hinoki) furnished with all necessary facilities in the high mountains. During the period of Japanese rule, The Japanese stationed police here to carry out missions of the station, and to receive high-level Japanese military commanders who inspected the local area frequently  for political and military purposes.

In 1930 (5th Year to the Showa Era), it was set on fire and destroyed during the Wushe Incident instigated by the Atayal and Seediq tribes. After the Wushe Incident, the Japanese rebuilt a house out of Taiwan Cypress (Hinoki) at the original location, in the same format as the Weishang Policing Post (Yunhai Paohsien Station). 

Then came the Republic of China period in Taiwan. The Taiwan Power Company  modified it into Tianchi Wiring Maintenance Station to provide electricity between east and west of the island across the Central Mountain Range, Until burning to the ground in 1986 from a forest fire, it was a luxurious high-elevation inn for mountain climbers, receiving much praise from them.

The Tianchi Lodge was rebuilt in 1993 to solve the problems of over-crowding of mountain climbers and their impacts to the surrounding environment. After careful review, the Forestry Bureau rebuilt the Tianchi Lodge at the original site, based on the principles of green buildings in 2011. A brand new Tianchi Lodge is realizing the goals of being environmental-friendly and energy-saving on the high mountain, and is equipped with the diverse roles of being protective of the environment and local biomes, administering and protecting the forest. Whether it is bathing in the morning sun, viewing the torrent of clouds at noon, enjoying the glow of sunset, or consolidating camaraderie in gatherings at night, it has become a place where so many mountain climbers can make wonderful memories! 

The Nengkao Esteemed Hall of Hinoki, built in 1918. (Imaged Archived by the National Central Library).jpg
1) The Nengkao Hall of Hinoki, built in 1918. (Imaged Archived by the National Central Library)
The Nengkao Police Post, rebuilt in 1931.jpg
2) The Nengkao Policing Post, rebuilt in 1931. 
The Tianchi Villa, rebuilt in 1993.jpg
3) The Tianchi Lodge, rebuilt in 1993.